Valentine’s Day Flower Gifts and Savings

Valentine’s Day Flower Gifts and Savings

Valentine’s Day Flower Gifts and Savings 600 400 California Flower Mall

Valentines Flower Wholesalers Open Round Clock

Waiting for Friday payday before Valentine’s weekend plans and gift buying swing into motion? The San Pedro Street California Flower Mall in the 6 block Los Angeles Flower District is a procrastinator’s paradise for last minute cupids and budget wise shoppers.

The discount and wholesale flower market opens on Saturday and Sunday from 4am – 11pm Valentine’s Weekend. On Monday Feb. 13 it opens at 4am staying open round the clock until Tuesday Valentine’s Day at 6pm or later if there are still customers shopping for deep discount and wholesale flowers up to 70% below retail prices.

Save Big:Buy Discount DIY Valentine’s Bouquets

LA Flower District California Flower Mall Do-It-Yourself Discount Valentine’s flower bouquets are a beautiful way to express your love, admiration and friendship. It’s easy to make Valentine’s flower bouquets for your sweetheart, mom, sister, or someone who has made your life special. Save time and money with DIY flower bouquets from the San Pedro Street California Flower Mall. CFM flower vendors are open all weekend before Valentine’s Day until 11pm and round the clock from Sunday to 6pm Valentine’s Tuesday February 14, 2012

When making a Valentine’s flower bouquet the first thing you need to do is choose your flowers. Roses, carnations, lilies, tulips, and freesia are the most popular, fragrant Valentine’s flower choices. The California Flower Mall on of the largest San Pedro Street wholesale markets in the Downtown Los Angeles Flower District has thousands of farm fresh flowers from all over the world at wholesale and deep discount prices.

Choose your colors for your Valentine’s floral bouquet. The most popular sweetheart Valentine’s bouquet consists of red roses often combined with white, and pink. Purple, pink and yellow are a vibrant change of pace from traditional red hues – especially for Mom’s and Sisters. You can make a beautiful bouquet with a combination of all these colors, or a choice of just two of the colors. Choose from specialty flowers such big white fluffy Mums, hot pink bromeliads or pink orchids. Specialty flowers can add an elegance and charm to your discount Valentine’s bouquet.

Dollar Tree stores have a great selection of ribbon, vases and supplies for $1 each. A clear glass vase and satin like ribbon is an elegant look for a red rose Valentine’s bouquet. Or keep it simple, skip the vase and deliver fresh cut flowers with a simple ribbon on it.

Prepare your flowers for your Valentine’s bouquet. Cut one inch off each flower stem. Make sure to cut rose stems at a 45 degree angle under running water. Hold each rose stem under cold running water, and then cut. This helps the rose from getting air bubbles and droopy heads. If you a planning to put roses or any flower in a vase, strip the greenery from the lower stem 2 -3 inches below the blossom to make the flowers last longer in water. Add green fern leaves if you want to expand and enhance the fullness of a flower bouquet in a vase.

Arrange the flowers for your Valentine’s bouquet. Think of a triangle when you are putting your Valentine’s bouquet together in a vase or ribbon tied bundle. The tallest flower goes in the middle. Make sure it is full, and colors are evenly distributed throughout your bouquet. Look at these step by step floral arrangements for complete instructions. Make sure your bouquet looks full and proportional in the vase.

Not enough time to assemble all of your Valentine’s bouquets? Some of the LA Flower District California Flower Mall discount flower vendors also have lush, gorgeous pre-made discount Valentine’s bouquets available for your convenience.