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The California Flower Mall offers an extraordinarily large selection of cut flowers, potted and blooming plants and floral supplies, all in one place. Here we offer tips on flower care, information on our most popular flowers, and choosing seasonal flowers.

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Tips on Flower Care

Some flower arrangements last 10-15 days if watered properly. Here are some tips for longer-lasting, more vibrant flowers.

When Selecting Flowers…

  • Look for flowers with upright, firm petals and buds beginning to open.
  • Yellow, spotted or drooping leaves are signs of age.
  • When using woody stems and branches (such as quince, cherry or peach), cut the stem with sharp pruning shears. Place them in warm water containing fresh flower food to promote flower opening.

For The Best Arrangement Care…

  • Keep the vase filled (or floral foam soaked) with water containing a flower food.
  • Flower foods make flowers last longer but it is important to follow the mixing directions on the flower food packet, most packets are to be mixed with either a pint or a quart of water.
  • If the water/flower food solution becomes cloudy, replace it entirely, re-cut stems 1 to 2 inches with sharp scissors or a knife and place immediately in the water.
  • Keep flowers in a cool spot (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit), away from direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents, directly under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators.

Choosing Cut Flowers to Last…

  • Carnations (7-10 days) carnations are extremely dependable, they’re available in a wide variety of colors and what colors growers can’t breed, they simply dye.
  • Delphiniums (7-10 days) you can’t beat Delphiniums for shades of blue and purple. Like Alstroemeria, these are sensitive to ethylene gas.
  • Lilies (7-10 days) choose sprays with a few slightly opened flower buds, remove the anthers to prevent pollen from  staining the bloom or clothing.
  • Roses (6-7 days) the classic and with over 20,000 varieties, they never get boring.
  • Sunflowers (6-8 days) sunflowers can be top heavy, so use a vase that can support them.

Bouquets, Wrapped, & Boxed Flower Care…

  • Keep your flowers in a cool place until you can get them into water mixed with flower food.
  • Fill a clean (washed with a detergent or antibacterial cleaning solution), deep vase with water and add a flower food.
  • Remove leaves that will be below the waterline –leaves in water  promote bacteria and limit  flowers’ water uptake.
  • Re-cut stems by removing one to two inches with a sharp knife then place the flowers in the vase solution you’ve prepared.
  • Give daffodils their own vase— daffodil stems give off a compound that’s toxic to other flowers.
  • Keep cut flowers away from fruit which releases a gas that causes flowers to age faster.