Floor Map & Vendor Directory

CFM is a community of 30 family owned floral trade businesses supplying florists, resellers, and the public. Contact vendors directly for plant and flower availability and prices through our floor map & Vendor Directory.

Our Floor Map of Vendors

California Flower Mall is a centrally located DTLA flower market offering flower shoppers a paradise for fresh top quality flowers from around the world at low prices.

Inside you’ll find lush, vibrant flower vendor showrooms overflowing with a wide variety of fresh-cut wholesale flowers, bouquets, and floral arrangements; plus green plants for home, office, and patio decor.

Every CFM vendor uses state-of-the-art commercial cold storage for flower products to ensure their customers get the freshest, long-lasting bulk-cut flowers, bouquets, and arrangements.

101 & 103: Andrew’s Wholesale

Arrangements, Events, Roses, Cut Flowers, Plants, Rose Bears / Arrangements, Flower Letters, Plants, Bamboo, Bulk Roses & Cut Flowers

112: MC Wholesale Flowers

Arrangements, Cut Flowers, Cut Rose Bears, Gifts / Sunflower Hearts, Rose Bears, Rose Bunnies, Rose Dogs,

122: Victoria’s Flowers

Arrangements, Events, Cut Flowers, Florist Boxes, Gifts

102: Growers Direct Flowers LA

Arrangements, events, roses, cut flowers, dried flowers / Events, Luxury Funeral Flowers, Installations, Garden Roses

113 & 115: Azucena’s Flowers

Roses, Cut Flowers, Wholesale Gifts / Ecuador Roses, Foliage, Cut Flowers,

123 & 125: Liz Flowers

Wholesale Roses, Cut Flowers, Ecuador Roses, Foliage

104: Sofia’s Flowers

Roses, Farm Fresh Cut Flowers

114: Macias Flowers

Wholesale Cut Flowers (no roses)

105: Vinny’s Plants and Flowers

Wholesale, retail, fresh-cut, arrangements, events

116: QQ Cafe

Patio Dining, Takeout, Delivery, Catering / Rotissierre Chicken Meals, Salads, Sandwiches, Vegetarian, Vegan

126: Morales Flowers

Arrangements, Events, Cut Flowers, Rose Bears, Florist Boxes

106 & 108: Royalty Flower Events

Arrangements, Events, Roses, Cut Flowers, Rose Bears, Florist Boxes

117: AC Wholesale Flowers

Wholesale, Roses, Cut Flowers

128 & 130: Floral Lab Wholesale

Plants, Succulents, Cactus, Orchids, Arrangements, Events

107: JJ’s Wholesale Flower Shop

Arrangements, Events, Roses & Cut Flowers, Rose Bears, Rose Unicorns

118: Real Tropical Wholesale

Wholesale Mass Market, Grocery Store Flowers (only wholesale)

127: Linda’s Flowers

Vases, Florist supplies, Cut Flowers

110: Vinny’s Plants and Flower

Arrangements, Events, Bouquets, Preserved Rose Gifts,

119 & 121: Vinny’s Wholesale Flowers

Roses, Cut Flowers, Florist Boxes, Preserved Roses, Dried Grasses

822: Moon Atelier LA

Orchids, Plants, Planters, Home Decor, Interior Design Plants, Bonsai, Home & Garden Decor, Luxury Wedding Florals, Korean Funeral

109 & 111: Sanchez & Ramos Wholesale

Mexico + Colombia roses, cut flowers, arrangements

120: Universal Wholesale

Wholesale, Cut Flowers, Roses