About the California Flower Mall

The California Flower Mall is in the heart of Los Angeles’ Flower District. The Los Angeles Flower District is the largest Flower District in the United States. Inside California Flower Mall you will find 45,000 square feet of sensory dazzling gorgeous fresh cut flowers, tropicals, potted plants, and orchids.  CFM’s 30 resident vendors provide floral trade pros and regular folks with exotic blooms from all corners of the earth 7 days a week.

Our flower market features a cozy court yard café, easy on-site parking and many more creature comforts like public restrooms and friendly resident kitties to pet. California Flower Mall is open 7 days a week Monday thru Saturday 4:30 am – 4:30 pm and Sunday 5am-12noon to provide florists, designers, event planners, DIY enthusiasts and bargain bud hunters with the newest, freshest selections of in-season flowers. Party and event planners never fear! CFM flower vendors are here for last minute needs. Florists who have more orders than time or hands to make them are aided by the artistry of our petalers’ floral arranger flower factory; they quickly produce perfect pieces fast so orders arrive on time.

ADMISSION IS FREE to everyone and the prices are beyond amazing. Bring cash for some of the best deals in town and don’t be shy about bargaining. Here are some good things to know:

  • California Flower Mall has an ATM on site in case you fall in love with more flowers than you anticipated
  • Flowers are delivered in the wee hours of the morning, so arrive early for the best selection
  • It’s important to keep your buds cool and hydrated – please don’t leave them in a hot car without water, bring a bucket of water to keep them fresh
  • California Flower Mall is a wholesale flower market where cut flowers are packed in bundles as large as 25 stems or as small 5 stems
  • When shopping for roses keep in mind that they come in many sizes and qualities — sizes are determined by the length of the stem and quality by the width and look of the bloom – most roses here are 40, 50, and 60 cm