QQ Cafe and California Flower Mall are hosting a Dia De Las Madres-Mother’s Day Weekend “Summer of The Paws” fundraiser. Volunteers are staffing a CFM station during the busiest flower holiday of the year to collect donations for animals being mothered in foster care. Pets seeking mothers, and Wolfie the celebrity rescue cat with 248K Instagram followers @Wolfie_smile, are expected to make appearances.

Gambas House founder E. Michael Rosales says, “Summer for the Paws” is an all-volunteer, grassroots effort to raise much-needed funds for two amazing animal rescue groups. We are proud to partner with QQ Café and CFM on the Dia De Las Madres – Mother’s Day weekend to make this fundraiser a success. Funds raised will go directly towards food, supplies, and veterinary bills. The proceeds will benefit Friends for Life Rescue Network and the REAL Bark. Both are 501(c) (3) nonprofits and both do amazing work on behalf of stray cats and dogs. Jef, who runs the REAL Bark, is a really nice, dedicated man. He has a special relationship with his local LAPD Division. Anytime a dog is out wandering the streets lost and alone, area police officers contact him — even at 3:00 am — to pick up the doggie so it does not end up at the pound and face an uncertain fate. Summer of the Paws donations can be made anytime by clicking the link to the GoFundMe page https://www.gofundme.com/summer-for-the-paws.

Chef Ray Sanchez, the owner of the pet-friendly, healthy dining QQ Café, says “20% of every food order purchase made May 1- May 30, 2019, will be donated to the fund when “Summer of the Paws” is mentioned. This applies to dine in, delivery and catering orders large and small. People can help these vitally important pet rescue volunteer groups when they host an office party, wedding reception or special event. QQ Cafe is located in the California Flower Mall flower market in Downtown LA’s flower district at 824 San Julian St., Los Angeles, CA 90014. Free parking is available in the QQ Cafe lot. “Food orders can be made by calling (213) 624-0860 and mentioning Summer of the Paws, or by using any of the popular food delivery apps and adding Summer of The Paws in the note section. We have several healthy and delicious options available, like the classic grilled chicken sandwiches or popular Asian Chicken Salad, you won’t be disappointed.”⠀