California Flower Mall welcomes Moon Atelier LA, the newest addition to the flower market community. Moon Atelier LA is a wholesale and retail home and garden plant and décor store specializing in premium orchids, indoor and garden plants, cactus and succulents. Owner Amber Kim’s curated collection of planters and interior décor items, like her wedding and events design style, suggests the sleekness of Tesla motors and simplicity of modern, contemporary Asian art with a bit of whimsy. This is the second location for the company. The neon art appointed, loft design store entrances are located at 817 San Pedro Street and 822 San Julian St. formerly occupied by Choi Orchids.

Roses Love To Drink: Pour Them a Warm One as Soon As They Arrive Home 

DIY bargain hunters and first time buyers of florist rose packs will give their roses a big boost by treating them to a long, tall drink as soon as they arrive home. Roses travel from faraway lands to beautify our lives. Welcome your 25 stem Valentine’s rosebeauties by hydrating them properly to look their best and last longer. Here’s what to do:

1. Unwrap the paper around the stems. When you get roses home remove paper around the bottom of the stems.

2. Cut stems 1-2 inches. This will give the flowers a greater area to absorb the water – the more water the roses can take in the longer they will last.

3. Strip the leaves. Remove all leaves from the stem portion being placed in water. This prevents bacteria from forming in the water.

4. Put the cleaned rose stems into warm water

immediately, so that the stems don’t have time to absorb air (it is the air in the stems that makes the roses ‘nod). Add flower food, or a few drop of bleach or vodka to the water to prevent bacteria

If the stem absorbs air, an air bubble will form, travel up the stem and when it reaches the flower head the stem becomes soft and the rose will nod.”

5. After 30 minutes, remove all paper packaging around the roses and strip stems clean of leaf material on the part of the stem that will be in water. If needed, add more warm water to the vase. Let them drink and breathe outside of the packaging for an hour.

6. If the water appears muddy, or becomes darker over time, add all new warm water, flower food or an antibacterial and re-cut the stems.

Business Spotlight: Nayeli Jimenez Owner, Royalty Flower EventsCFM 106-108 

Do you have kids in virtual school? Latinx momprenuer Nayeli Jimenez knows firsthand how difficult this year has been. We’re all in this together, right? Stop by her creative space near CFM’s 825 San Pedro Street entrance to pre-order bouquets, arrangements rose bears, bulk roses, cut flowers and other Valentine’s gifts.It’s been a trying year for Momprenuers. Please show this chingona some love. CFM 106-108. Royalty’s talented team speaks English and Español. Follow her on Instagram to see her work and see her clients’ rave reviews @royaltyflowerevents . Text/mobile inquiries and pre-orders to her 323-972-0427.

Community and Neighbors Help Save California Flower Mall from Burning

“I smell smoke,” Asusena Huezo told her employer CFM president Mark Chatoff. The next terrifying three minutes were a “life or death” race through a cloud of black smoke to save the CFM flower market people, pets and property from destruction. Read what happened    

CFM teamed up with Allied Restoration Service. Allied team members worked all night so CFM was able to open for business the next day. Every night, for three weeks following the close of business, the team of 25 restoration specialists helped prepare the flower market for Valentine’s Day. Photo via LA Fashion District.

Neighbors help the restoration team with the clean-up as business owner. Gerry

LAFD contained the fire. Photo by Asusena Huezo

Geraldo “Gerry” Rojas, owner Vinny’s Plants and Flowers, CFM 105. Pre-pandemic photo by Gus Mejia


Vinny’s Plants and Flowers before the fire destroyed the business. Photo by Marianne Giblin

Vinny’s Plants and Flowers request customers with pending orders contact them to confirm order details.