CA Flower Mall Premiers Exciting Valentine’s Flower Gift Trends

CA Flower Mall Premiers Exciting Valentine’s Flower Gift Trends

CA Flower Mall Premiers Exciting Valentine’s Flower Gift Trends 250 250 California Flower Mall

California Flower Mall premiers exciting new Valentine’s flower gift trends created by floral artists, arrangers and event designers at the downtown LA wholesale flower market. Their competitive creativity explodes in a sense-dazzling parade of on-trend flower arrangements and exciting, outside the box or over the top floral designs that delight and tantalize Valentine’s Day love gift givers.

Vanina Trogolo, spokesperson for the city block wide wholesale flower market says, “People will be pleased to see so many elegant on trend, creative, whimsical and one of a kind custom flower arrangements as well as traditionally dazzling love gift favorites here at CFM. It’s exciting to see the variety of choices and the diversity of selection for every taste, budget, style, age, culture and ethnic tradition. There are even flower gifts for pets.”

Trogolo says custom Valentine’s flower gift design standouts at CFM this year include:

  • Hat Box Flower Designs – There’s many interpretations of the elegant on-trend hat box rose and flower arrangements showcased by Growers Direct, Royalty Flower Events, Flamingos Flowers and Mireya’s Flowers for a classy, higher end gift. In the ultra-luxury class, Mireya’s Flowers exclusively offers boxed Forever Roses also known as eternal roses because their quality Ecuadorian blooms and fresh, velvety texture lasts up to two years.
  • Outside the Box Designs – Floral Lab Design shines with whimsical fantasy gift box flower arrangement designs that are flying off the shelves as quickly as they can create them. These floral works of art are often named – Love Potion #9 – Alice in Wonderland – Marilyn Monroe – Love at First Sight – by designer Jay L. Oaks
  • Flower Arrangement Miniatures – Precious miniatures are a popular fresh floral choice that won’t break the bank. These dainty, delicate designs appear at Andrews Wholesale Flowers in country baskets and at Cazares Flowers as fairy flowers, baskets and the always popular white doggy mums
  • Flower Sculptures – Tropier rose sculptures by Luxurious Events by Alba are tree trunks affixed with bubbles of fresh flowers – usually roses. Tropier roses are the signature design of floral artist Angel Alba. He personally harvests and prepares the grapevine wood he uses to construct his distinctive, bold designs. The roses used have a unique look because they are “reflexed” or peeled back from a tight bud. This technique creates an unusual appearance and long lasting freshness. Myrna Alba says the Tropier flowers last three weeks if they’re watered every other day and kept in a cool place. Other distinct interpretations of the Tropier design are offered by Flamingo’s Flowers. Heart shaped floral sculptures interpretations are also displayed by Alba, Flamingos Flowers, Andrews Wholesale Flowers, Royalty Flowers Events, Mireya’s Flowers and Buen Gusto Flowers.
  • 1000 Rose Bouquets – Buen Gusto Flowers is the originator of the 1000 rose bouquet. This massive red rose design is mounted on a glass cylinder vase often containing submerged orchids. They often stand four feet tall or more. Other CFM petalers – Andrews Wholesale Flowers, International Flowers Wholesale & Distributors and Luxurious Events by Alba also showcase their interpretations of massive rose designs.