CA Flower Mall Blooms 24/7 with Last Minute Mother’s Day Flower Deals

CA Flower Mall Blooms 24/7 with Last Minute Mother’s Day Flower Deals

CA Flower Mall Blooms 24/7 with Last Minute Mother’s Day Flower Deals 250 250 California Flower Mall

California Flower Mall opens 24/7 with last minute Mother’s Day flower deals up to 70% below retail prices. 69% of U.S. shoppers will buy Moms flowers spending $2.6 billion NRF reports.

California Flower Mall opens 24/7 Mother’s Day weekend with last minute buds to show Mom’s some love up to 70% off retail prices. CFM is the only Downtown Los Angeles wholesale flower market open around the clock Mother’s Day weekend. It’s paradise for procrastinators buying last minute bargain blooms for Mother’s Day.

“It’s like black Friday, Saturday and Sunday for LA’s flower industry – petalers here do 25 to 30 percent of their yearly business during the Mother’s Day holiday ” says Mark Chatoff, CFM President. Mother’s Day is second to the winter holidays in retail spending the National Retail Federation reports. 69% of shoppers plan to buy flowers this year. Spending on Mother’s Day flowers is expected to reach $2.6 billion the NRF says.

“Admission is free so bring all the moms in your family to pick their own flowers from the freshest and best source for Mother’s Day arrangements and bouquets at prices that look like you spent a fortune,” says Vani Trogolo spokesperson for California Flower Mall. The 8 block Los Angeles Flower District neighborhood — one of Los Angeles’ most colorful, urban destinations, is lush with miles of flower market aisles and sidewalks blooming with millions of fresh flowers that dazzle the senses.

Trogolo shares these insider tips on how to shop for Mother’s Day flower deals:

  • Arrive Early: Shop before 9 am or after 6 pm for the best deals, selection and parking. Farm shipments arrive around 4:30 am
  • Evening Stroll: Beat traffic and congestion visit after dinner Friday or Saturday
  • Bargain: Don’t accept the first price offered. Negotiate — it’s an accepted business custom. Not every business sells wholesale to the public so shop around
  • Buy Big Bunches: Two or three bunches of the same flower look luxurious
  • Color Selection: Select the same color flower in different shades for a rich looking bouquet
  • Relax: If DIY is not your style or you’re on a tight schedule, select a pre-made bouquet or arrangement
  • Bring Cash: An onsite ATM is available
  • Saturday or Sunday Lunch with Mom: Enjoy casual patio dining at CFM’s QQ Café or Mexican Grille
  • Sunday Closeouts Savings: late Sunday prices drop to clear inventory, but selection maybe limited

“It’s easy to express love for all the moms in your life without breaking the bank. Make a date to dazzle your mom, grandmother, sister and sweetheart on an urban adventure to pick flowers in LA’s Flower District California Flower Mall. Trogolo adds, “We’re here for you Happy Mother’s Day — Feliz Dia de las Madres!”