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Mother’s Day Flower Supply Shortage is Climate Change Driven

Mother’s Day Flower Supply Shortage is Climate Change Driven: Will Colombia’s Flower Trade Ever Bloom Again? The Covid-19 pandemic has had multiple expected and unexpected consequences when it comes to cut flowers. Initially, 2020 lockdowns crashed the EU cut flower market causing losses of 1 billion Euros according to a BBC report. The U.S. cut…

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CA Flower Mall Women Business Owners Share Pandemic Survival Tips

CA Flower Mall Women Business Owners Share Pandemic Survival Tips Eight Latina women flower entrepreneurs share what they did or are doing to support their businesses survive the shifts and turns of the pandemic. “Though nearly every aspect of our lives has changed this past pandemic year, the basic needs of business haven’t. As the…

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The Surprising Power of Fragrance

Fragrance might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re comparing pictures of roses on a website or on social media. But when you encounter fragrant roses as part of a real-life experience, the fragrance factor is intoxicating and unforgettable. Consider Constance™ (Austruss), pictured here, with her deliciously fruity scent of apple and…

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This cherry blossom wedding shot by LaMemoir truly is the stuff of dreams LaMemoir Photography beautifully captured every moment of Stephanie and Michael’s cherry blossom wedding. From the “getting ready” phase to the golf course portrait session, each snap was light, airy and totally natural. As for the fresh-filled reception, bride Stephanie drew inspiration from…

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CA Flower Mall’s QQ Café Hosts Mom’s Weekend Fundraiser for LA Pet Rescues

QQ Cafe and California Flower Mall are hosting a Dia De Las Madres-Mother’s Day Weekend “Summer of The Paws” fundraiser. Volunteers are staffing a CFM station during the busiest flower holiday of the year to collect donations for animals being mothered in foster care. Pets seeking mothers, and Wolfie the celebrity rescue cat with 248K Instagram followers @Wolfie_smile, are expected…

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Jessica Cohen shows how to make a garden rose bouquet, recreating her own wedding bouquet of peach-colored Juliet and Campanella roses with succulents and berries. In this how-to, I am recreating my wedding bouquet. My husband and I married in Houston, Texas in June a couple of years ago. Our hearts were set on an…

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